Friday, February 19, 2010

Leather Cuff Skull

Graham Tench from Bournemouth, UK wrote: “hi, inspired by your quest a year ago i made this, thought it was time i showed you.”
In Use

Themyscira C says:

I am not so sure if this could “Stop a bullet cold”, but it certainly could “Make the Axis fall.” I am very impressed with your work. The details and coloration are exquisite on this. I am glad you included a picture of it in use, it makes this work that much more tangible to the viewer. Thank you for submitting your work to share.


surfmadpig said...

it's great, I wish I had one too. Looking to make and sell any more Graham?

luvskulls said...

I love the cuff, it would be so cool to get one.

Custom Jewelry said...

I want a cuff too!!! I would love to wear that heck i would love to make one. I make jewelry and love anything with skulls

GrahamTench said...

hi everyone, i have been asked by a few people about the skull cuff, so i am going to make a limited run of 50 @ £50 each - first come first served as they say.
glad you guys like my work and i can be contacted on faceache i am a friend of skull a day, thanks again.
Graham Tench