Saturday, February 13, 2010

Glow In The Dark Skulls

These fun glow in the dark skulls come to us from Selina Shehan. She writes, "I discovered your Skull a Day site about a year ago and loved it...then I forgot all about it until I started making skulls a few months ago...and now I love it all over again and would like to submit my stuff. I make glow-in-the-dark and blacklight responsive jewelry out of epoxy resin with glitter and candy inclusions."

These are totally cool and fun looking skulls. Plus, I love the fact that they are handmade. Thanks for taking the time to do them right and for sharing them. You can find more skull jewelry at her website.

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Unknown said...

If anyone out there is interested in working with 2-part epoxy resin, I made a tutorial video showing how to make a resin bangle bracelet.

Thanks for featuring my jewelry, Skull-A-Day!