Thursday, October 4, 2007

123. Blade Skull

Used X-acto Knife Blades. I've gone through a lot of these in the course of this project!


Kim said...

Ace, that looks so cool.

What did you stick them in? Is this a permanent skull?

Kevin said...

Clever! Re-using things that have been used as tools for other skulls, I really like that.

Anonymous said...

Your work is extremely awesome. I sent you an email, hope you receive it..

Best wishes,

Chrixcel said...

Hwo do you do to have so many original ideas ?!

Kellee said...

I don't doubt you've gone through a lot, but of course, great job, as usual.

Another Limited Rebellion said...

Thanks guys! Sadly I don't think this can be permanent. They're just stuck in bristol board and they're pretty wobbly. I might remake more solidly after the project is over though!

C. Robinson said...

I have one word for you...GLUE.

It would be a pain to store, but you wouldn't have to worry about loosing any.

Inspiration Point: fallen dominoes


mike said...

this is probably my new favorite
good job on all past and future skulls