Sunday, October 7, 2007

Braincase XII

Another heapin' helpin' of amazing submissions from across the globe:

Jennifer made this extra cute coaster by hand!

Stacey G. found this sweet little figurine!

Moose has sent a steady stream of terrific submissions including the lovely work of fashion designer/photographer Hedi Silmane.

Mim sent in this nifty dust drawing by 6 year-old Ryan!

My friend Adrien sells excellent pirate (and non-pirate) themed jewelry at her Etsy store!

and Adrien's friend Crystal also has cool pirate-y stuff at her Etsy store!

Citizen Agent (A.K.A. the mysterious "C") missed out on the song contest, but did send these lyrics to be sung to the tune of the "Sesame Street Theme". Any one feel like recording this?...

One a day
Not in the Musée d'Orsay
Skulls made around Richmond, V-A

I Can you tell you how to surf
How to surf to Skull A Day

Surf on by
You won't believe your eyes
Set your home page now
Not some SPAM survey

I Can you tell you how to surf
How to surf to Skull A Day

Skulls in all forms
Out of the norms
An online gallery
With viewer commentary
Surf on by

One a day
Not in the Musée d'Orsay
Watch for a skull toupee

I can you tell you how to surf
How to surf to Skull A Day ...

How to surf to Skull A Day

How to surf to...

My friend Rob sent in his student Ruthie Proctor's great project which somehow became strangely skull-y after he showed Skull-A-Day to the class .

V shows off more of her spiffy skull collection!

Sol's dad & brother snapped a picture of this amazing submission to the Canstruction project which was on display at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, BC.

Art student Kate made this fun skull in printmaking class!

Becca showed off her great earrings which are for sale in her Etsy store!

Nicole sent a bunch of great items including these sexy skull pasties by Altered Eleanor's Etsy store!

Artist Lisa Cook made this amazing staple art!

My friend Ken spotted this skulltastic video from Belles Will Ring...

My friends Carra and Spencer were inspired by Skull-A-Day to make this Mexican Train Domino skull!

Skull Machine showed off the super awesome logo for their T-shirt business!

Chuck spotted these incredible light-up stick-pins from the 1920's(!), which are for sale here.

Christian Kirkegaard sent this image of a dangerous looking cup of coffee.

Kristen Hawley pointed out this nifty animated skull clock which is downloadable here.

Barcode artist Scott Blake made this excellent skull for Skull-A-Day!

Mike spotted this cute little skull in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Justin made this terrifying oil painting!

Another Justin found this terrific unintentional skull in the children's workshop area of the Kalamazoo Valley Museum in Michigan.

Mark Conahan (programmer of the Skullphabet #1!) sent this awesome picture of himself sporting the T-Skull #1 taken by Rich Burton!

Kathleen did the excellent job of painting her nails!

Garland showed off her terrific pumpkin carving, that was also featured in the recent issue of Make magazine!

Kimi made this extra-cute image for her online journal!

Andrea Thomaes knit these wonderful skull booties!

Scotty Lees from Big Style Productions carved this spooky pumpkin he's dubbed "Skullkins"!

Fabrice took this great picture of a floor in a church in southern France (St Paul de Vence).

anthony j "" made this cute skull for a Halloween card, but also put it on stickers which can be spotted around New Jersey (and were featured in the Process Invisible show at Street Level in Portland, OR)!

Jason sent this frightening holiday image titled "Ho Ho...OH!!!!" saying, "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'WOO HOO what a ride!.'"

Thanks again everyone for your wonderful submissions. You can send your own to the address at the upper right hand corner of the site. It can take a month or more for them to appear so be patient. If you'd like to see them on the site sooner upload to Flickr with a "skulladay" tag and they'll show up in the sidebar!

And finally another amazing package arrived in the mail this week, this time from reader Beck in Australia!... It included the dreaded Vegemite (as discussed in the "Peanut Butter & Skully" comments, which I will inded eat and most likely make a skull out of!), along with some awesome souvenirs and Timtam cookies! Thanks again Beck, you rock!


Kris said...

Is there a Skulladay pool on Flickr? If not, there should be.

Monster-Maniac said...

Kathleen, your nails rock! The booties are adorable,the coffee is very creepy, those cans are pretty damn cool (looks like it takes more patients than I'll ever have), and, V, I have the center skeleton. Except mine is faintly glow-in-the-dark and has a tooth painted gold like a pirate. Got it from a dollar store.

Kim said...

Booties! Are they for babies? I want that pattern!

I can't believe how long the braincases have become, it's nuts.

Kim said...

Also: hilarious that you call TimTams "cookies".

Gwenhwyfar said...

Who would have thought that skulls were so contagious? I've been in love with skulls and coffins and all things morbid since I was a kid and they show up in my art every now and again. But since finding skull-a-day I seem to be finding them everywhere and I catch myself thinking how could I make a skull out of this?
Oh, and TimTams are the best! You really need to try them with coffee. Bite of a little from two opposite corners, stick one bitten corner in your drink and then suck the drink through the cookie. Holy delicious!

Unknown said...

Yay for the package arriving!

And oooh Timtam slams with coffee... always done mine with hot chocolate, but mocha would be good too :)

Glad you enjoyed!

Anonymous said...

i love skulls from one dollar stores!
i like walking and search for skulls in every shop.


Oliver said...

When eating Vegemite for the first time use plenty of butter and a very light spread Vegemite. Most people spread it thick the first time and hate it afterwards. The best thing to have it on is toasted whole grain bread.

Sharlene said...

Wow! Kimi's candycorn skull is S-W-E-E-T!!