Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I know some of you are expecting a super-deluxe Halloween skull, but the reality of doing a daily project is that I just don't have time to plan such things. So today's skull will be just another daily image, but I did want to give you something special, so here's a sampling of the amazing skull/skeleton costumes that my friends made for my party last weekend. See if you can guess which one is me...

Heavy Metal Skulls (love Pixie Sticks!)

Cheap X-Ray?


Barrel (from Nightmare Before Christmas)!

Skull Couple! (Notice the inspiration for one of the Paper Doll accessories.)

Happy Little Skeleton.

Monkey Skull!

Digital Skull!

Giant Floating Skull with Moving Eyes!

To give a sense of scale.

Mexican Skull Guy!

Bandana Skulls

Pirate Skull!

Skull Couple 2 (including Little Skull Riding Hood)

The Mexican Skull Ladies!

Redneck Skull

Roadkill Skeleton!

Skeleton Key and Frida Kahlo Skull!

Dapper Skull!

"It's My Skull In A Box!"

Sexy Skull!


Amblus said...

Nice! There were some great costumes there.

idiot_legs said...

amazing! everybody went to such effort.
i love the frida kahlo costume!

Anonymous said...

So fun! What great friends. Love the skull in a box. :P

The Lone Beader® said...

I saw a skeleton riding on the subway last nite... :)

Tim said...

The Giant Floating Skull's eyes look terrifying.

What a fun theme party :)

mordicai said...

Is that last one someone going as the girl (Carrie?) from Mythbusters?

Anonymous said...

Are you Barrel?

Anonymous said...

I love that you guys make such an effort on Halloween! I thought that only me and my friends did that.

BTW if you were Barrel from The Nightmare Before Christmas, I admire you even more. That is my favorite movie!

Noah said...

Yep I was Barrel!