Sunday, October 14, 2007

Braincase XIII

More skullerrific submissions from around the globe...

Moose has once again sent in a number of great skulls: This terrific guitar was made by Guitarras de Las Americas and spotted at The Other Room.

And this anti-smoking ad was made by Neogama/BBH, Brazil and featured in AdsofThe

Moose also was the first to let me know about this gorgeous vintage lock and key from the turn of the century, which sold on ebay (and was featured on Boing Boing). Thanks to Kevin, Andrew Jelesiewicz, and EBK for letting me know about it as well)

'Cesca let me know about the Italian band Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti. In her words, "All the band members wear skull masks on their face during their performances. Since the band name means Three Merry Dead Guys, they pretend they died 13 years ago (when the band was created). They also don't want to reveal their real appearance to the media, so they wear their skull masks on stage and in front of the cameras." You can see their videos HERE.

lambermont showed off this painting that's part of a series called "I am Joe's Brain" inspired by the skull dissection etchings of Andreas Vesalius.

Damian pointed out the lucky frog/skull (La Rana) which can be found on the Salamanca University's main building in Salamanca, Spain. This specific image is by Flickr user salvadorfnell.

Shelly made this wonderful drawing on a notebook!

Krista made this terrific needlepoint bracelet!

Crafty Mama spotted this nifty skull on the way to Universal Studios in Orlando.

Lynn made this beautiful quilt last year. She also curated a Dia de los Muertos exhibition!

B13 took this lovely picture of a Jack Skellington sculpture and made this great/scary self portrait!

Ambre from France found these cute mini-soaps by Sacrebleu!

Jeremiah Britt suggested that I make a cat's-cradle style skull.

Sean Martorana shared his excellent art.

Kimberly Lavon aka Acidtechnik aka Spark shared her great skull art, more of which can be seen in her deviantART gallery.

Nicole spotted this photo by Thomas Marlow of La Cabeza by Niki de Saint Phalle, taken at Garfield Park Conservatory on From Darkness To Light.

Jeff F made this super cool Manny Calaveras (from the video game Grim Fandango) from a piece of 2x4. Also shown, skulls from a house cat and red fox.

Kris/Rakka took this photo at the Gum Wall in Seattle and made these terrific cupcakes and 2nd gum skull.

Meredith was the first to point out the nifty circuit board bracelet. Thanks to Moose and Peter Risager who also let me know about it.

Jbowman spotted this cool quilt by Boo Davis over at Layers of Meaning.

Lacy did an excellent job airbrushing this champagne bottle.

Dustin Mater made this spiffy M&Ms skull!

Mark found this incredible simulacrum photo!

Robert Cook spotted this page of vintage turn signals which included this terrific ad for the the one that was featured on a previous Braincase.

Moreism+re shared this superb piece by artist Christian Gonzebach (which is featured on their blog).

Thanks again everyone!

Submit your own found/made skulls at the address in the upper right-hand corner of the site. Please be patient it will take around 4-6 weeks for new submissions to be posted. Don't forget you can see your items in the sidebar right away if you post them to Flickr and include the tag "skulladay".

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