Wednesday, March 26, 2008

297. (Hot, Hot, Hotter Than) Hot Sauce Skull

Hot Sauce Illustration (5.5in x 11in [14cm x 28cm]). Thanks to my friend Betsy/Betty for suggesting this material! I'm guessing Tatman will know the reference in the title, anyone else?


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Hot, hot, hotter than hell
You know she's gonna leave you well done
Hot, hot, hotter than hell
Burn you like the midday sun.

What did I ever do before google?! Love the orangey demon effect!

Unknown said...

It looks like wearing sunglasses. Cool skull!

Janet said...

oh I love this one!

Tatman said...

This one is awesome! I love hot sauce, the hotter the better. Even though I don't listen to them often, I got the Kiss reference(nice work and thanks). I also agree with Christiane, it looks like it's wearing sunglasses. It almost looks like the Megadeth skull. Refer to the link:

Excellent work!

j said...


couldn't resist!