Monday, March 10, 2008

Braincase XXXI

Bunches of submissions from bunches of folks (received 1/21 - 1/31)

Javier Munian from Salamanca, Spain was inspired by my United Skull of America to make this spiffy world skull!

Ian shared this great piece by Scuzzo!

Peter pointed out these cool skull speakers!

Vincent Bresson from Paris found this nifty t-shirt at Celio.

Dark Vision Studio in Detroit, Michigan shared their awesome work! All images were created inside their studio using "strategic video projection" with no digital manipulation. To see these images, which contain artistic nudity (and are thus NSFW) go HERE and HERE and HERE.

Moose found this rad hoodie...

 well as these creepy squirting candies!

Dimitar sent this photo of these keen embellished pants!

Lana let us know about the fantastic Capucin Crypt in Rome!

 well as Dan Hillier's Trinity Skull!

Sam Chan from LLazy Bonez Design showed off this beautiful silver skull ring he made, named appropriately "Comedy and Tragedy"!

Ghost Bucc shared this eerie image of a skull simulacra. (Source sadly unknown.)

David sent a link to a cool skull swizzle stick at Barney's but it's gone now. [FYI: This is why I ask that you attach an image when you send submissions!]

Mark from Portage, Michigan did a fabulous job making a skorange at the request of his 5 year old son!

Rebecca pointed out this awesome nursery which was inspired by a piece of Etsuko Furuya fabric!

Norbert Jung from Germany showed off his awesome pencil drawing, based on Albrecht Durer's woodcuts!

Daffdaff was the first person to point out the mysterious "doughy substance" that was found clogging the sewer pipe in front of Sam's Pizza, under Main Street in the city of Lewiston, Maine as shown on! (Thanks also to Frank, Geof P., and Arwen for letting me know about it as well!)

Rogerio Caetano spotted these beautiful paper mache skulls from Venice Beach, Los Angeles on BoingBoing! (Thanks also to Arbyn for letting me know about this as well!)

Mim found this fun art at the Body and Soul Tattoo shop in Los Angeles, California!

Maria S. made this super cool version of the Misfits' Crimson Ghost. In her words, "I was having a lazy Sunday. Not just A lazy Sunday, but rather, the MOTHER of ALL lazy Sundays. I was feeling a little down and missing my partner Matt who lives in a different city - Montreal, to be precise - a little more than usual. So to perk up my spirits, I decided to get creative and produce a little gift for him. I selected a dish from the cupboard, broke out the ketchup and mustard and "drew" the Crimson Ghost, because Matt is a hardcore fan of the Misfits. Thus, I sent him this picture in the hope to make him smile, as much as making this "skull" made me smile."

Paul van Buuren shared this video of his "house skull, Johannes"!

Roger shot this wicked custom motorcycle at the Star (Yamaha) display!

Anji took this nifty pic of a giant sloth skeleton at the Natural History Museum in New York City...

...and shared a few more of her great illustrations!

Mica spotted this nice graffiti in New York City!

Arbyn pointed out the skull of Chief Mkwawa on Wikipedia.

Randy Rogers designed this excellent iPhone wallpaper! [Be sure to click the image to get a full-sized version]

.D3vin-G. made this lovely image in Photoshop!

designstation sent this keen hand drawn pattern!

Nate showed off his amazing ink illustration based on the human skull he got for Christmas... well as some other of his wonderful works!

Icon O'classt shared the fantastic work of Derek Hess!

Ken Cox, of Newark, Delaware made this incredible bicycle headbadge! In his words, "The vinyl logo that adorned my black Misfit Psycles single speed mountain bike just didn't cut it, so I recreated their flaming skull logo using cuttlebone cast pewter. By carving out the shell of a cuttlefish (commonly available for pet birds to peck on), you create a mold to pour molten pewter into. The 'grain' is the natural pattern of the cuttlebone." Photos of the mold and more of the headbadge are HERE.

b13 shared this nice graphic from Alexisonfire's new CD Crisis!

Skye sent a fascinating image of an ultrasound she had before Halloween!

Oddly enough my good friend Ashley also sent a skully ultrasound (mere hours after I got Skye's!)


Teratohmy let me know about the song "Memento Mori" by the group Matmos. The track, which appears on the 2001 album "A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure" is composed entirely from samples of sounds made with human skull, goat spine and connective tissue, and artificial teeth! A huge thanks to Drew Daniels of the group who gave kind permission to post a snippet of the 15 minute song here (this is the first few minutes of the song, be sure to listen all the way through, and of course please consider buying their albums if you enjoy!):

Right-Click or Option Click to download:
"Memento Mori [EDIT]" mp3

For more on Matmos go to their official site HERE.

Thanks again everyone!


To submit your own skull art, visit the submission page HERE.


Teratohmy said...

Yay, I was wondering if you were going to post the song :)

rhubygirl said...

the skull simulacra looks suspiciously like it was from the 35W bridge collapse right here in minneapolis. :)