Monday, March 31, 2008

Braincase XXXIII

More fantastic stuff from fantastic folks in fantastic places! (received 2/8 - 2/15)

Paul in Sydney, Australia shared these lovely handmade books found on LiveJournal!

Michael from Montreal, Canada found a great compendium of art from a recent skull themed exhibition in NYC, including this fine Andy Warhol piece!

GLove in London made this fun ink stamp image!...

And shared this sticker spotted at the First Avenue & 7th St Entry club in Minneapolis!...

As well as this nice art from Portland, Oregon!

Lana pointed out this tough tattoo on ModBlog!...

And this seriously creepy cake on Mathilda Tomasdottir's blog!

Moose found this lovely illustration by design group b. media!...

as well as this cute pic of a "painted" kitty!...

and this great painting by Jason Limon!

Dave wanted to make sure I was a fan of the German football (soccer to us US folks) club St. Pauli!

Lisa Harkins shared this lovely artist trading card she made! [I'd still like one if you are still willing to send it to me!]

Sara pointed out the fabulous Gold Bar in SOHO, NYC, which is filled with gold skulls created by Kihl Studios! [I would love to have a book release party there!]

R&Y shared the seriously awesome work of Kris Kuksi!

Tatman showed off the awesome pen he used to complete my Crosskull Puzzle!

Stuart showed off his beautiful painting!

Mike Hayes shared this fantastic ceramic slip cast sculptural tile he made!

JoeV saw this funky skull at a medieval festival in Ft. Myers, Florida!

Michael shared this great sketch he did in the catacombs in Paris!

Congratulations to Dan Springer who won this awesome Skull of the Year trophy from the German site Designers Skulls for his terrific Death's Boogie Van image (shown in the background).

Naz in Brooklyn, NY found this cute skull hiding in her rosemary, honey cake (with lemon frosting) at a recent dinner party!

Erik from the group 2008scandinavia showed off this awesome billboard they did for a Norwegian Mac support company!

Damian shared this cool drawing he made!

Shawn shared these photos of the coolest playground ever she stumbled upon in New Zealand!

Maeg suggested a skull of the Crimson Ghost made out of Misfits memorabilia!

My friend Carlos shared this video for the classic Oingo Boingo track "Dead Man's Party"!

Cat from Montreal, Canada showed off her adorable plush key chains, which you can get here!

My friend Igor from Driven By Boredom shared his friend's excellent necklace!

Martin spotted this spiffy clock in Hamburg, Germany!

Carl and his fiancé noticed this sneaky fellow on the hood of their car recently!

Nate shared his fantastic illustration of a Greater Spot-Nosed Monkey skull!

Hebrew Wright designed this keen vinyl for his truck!

Kitty found this fun illustration by Felix Scheinberger on Wiki Commons!

Tina Carson gave her husband one of my cards for Valentine's Day! According to her, "He totally didn't expect the skull on the inside, but laughed his ass off when he opened it."

Mindy shared this awesome cardigan by Ryan Marnell! You can even get the pattern HERE.

R.E. Wolf created these amazing illustrations!

Gary sent his fabulous "Crappy Valentine's Day" card!

My friend Bridget pointed out this lovely handmade sign by John/Funky Folk Art on Flickr!

Phoebe shared a bunch of great pics including ones taken in her art workshop, and of a cake she made!

Chuck spotted this Damien Hirst t-shirt for sale at the Gagosian Gallery in NYC!

My friend Phil made this fantastic bullet skull at his job at Pamplin Historical Park!

Mo shared an awesome illustration that her brother, Scott Guion, created for his band Pitts vs. Preps!


My friend April sent me this incredibly appropriate clipping from a catalog she found!...


Recycling Artist Emily Kircher kindly gave me one of her wonderful ornaments when she sent the buttons for me to use...

Thanks again everyone!


To submit your own skull art, visit the submission page HERE.

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