Friday, December 18, 2009

[BONUS] 373. Snow Skull

I finally had an opportunity to make a skull out of snow! Admittedly this is only a light dusting, but believe it or not this was really the first time I've had the chance. There was never a good snow day in Richmond during the original project and last year I missed the one big snow of the year because I was traveling. Luckily when I was in Syracuse, NY earlier this month, to talk about my work and the Skull-A-Day project with design students, I managed to grab a few moments to do this. I drew the image with my foot and the scale was so large that it was hard to tell what it looked like without stepping back a few times (all the while trying to avoid disturbing other snow in the process).


Tatman said...

Amazing! I could never even spell a name in the snow like that without messing it up.

Terry Border said...

Looks great.

Next time, while others are writing their names in the snow, maybe you could try your luck at a skull.

Abby Davis said...

I love that skull. That was a great idea.