Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Foodie Skulls

Today’s skulls know their way around a kitchen.

Our first skull comes from Marisso Barrio in Las Cruces, New Mexico who wrote: “First off, I have to say I love the Skull-A-Day website and book! I actually found the book before the site. I was eating a Moonpie and had taken a single bite when I noticed the skull-ish-ness! So I took a few more bites to emphasize it. So the bites are there on purpose, but the spots that make up the eyes and nose were there already.”

This next one is from Mauro Bignami who simply states: “My creation: a crunchy skull! Skulladay: my favorite site!”

Our last submitter, Jasmin from Nashville, TN said: “Kitchen aid started the skull with the perfect placement of their vents on the mixer I ordered. It took me about 10 seconds to realize that with a little black nail polish I could make it into a skull. Later when my friend wasn't looking, I painted hers too. :)”

Stove Top C says:

Thank you all for sharing your work with us. I enjoy catching glimpses of all the amazing art that is out there being created for the stomach or the home.


Abby Davis said...

These are really good. I now want a moon pie and a fancy blender.

Anonymous said...

I love the cookie. Fantastic. Just found your blog via @gothaesthetic. love love love.

Phil said...

Last night when I was walking through Sears, I saw one of these mixers sideways on a shelf, and had to stop myself from going over with a sharpie to make it a skull.