Monday, December 14, 2009

C-Rations: 0C11100

This week’s offering is Citrus And Cloves.

“Sarah Cous” approx. 4" X 3" Fresh orange pierced with cloves on a leather hanger.

Pomander C says:

I went looking for information on how to make one of these and in my research I found some great historical Memento Mori related items here and here. If you don't mind your hands smelling like citrus and cloves for a while, this is the site where I learned how to make this. Also, please look closely at the picture and see if you can find another Christmas tradition that is hanging around.

Remember each Monday during the 3.0 year I am posting an original skull design. My weekly offerings are nothing compared to the one-a-day massive project done by the Skullmaster in 1.0, but hopefully you will find some nourishment in these weekly offerings.


Tatman said...

The green piece just to the right looks like a pickle. I would find it a bit weird, but hey, maybe some folks like a Christmas Dill.

Tatman said...

Oh yeah, I forgot say that I like the traditional touch of this "skornament". I'll bet the smells mix well with the pine of the tree.

Abby Davis said...

I agree with Tatman that you might have a Christmas pickle in your tree. I've heard of these, but I've never put one in a tree.

I love the shape of the citrus you found. It's a perfect skull shape. The cloves had to hurt after a while, but it looks great, so worth the pain.