Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hockey Mask Skull

Today's skull was a tag team effort from John-Paul & Renee Albinati of Williams Lake, British Columbia. They painted this mask for a friend's son. I'll bet he has the most intimidating mask of the league.

Score a goal and an assist to the Albinatis for their great work. If you are new to the hockey mask art wave then check out this site for more of the NHL's best mask art. Thanks for the submission John-Paul & Renee. Remember kids, always keep your stick on the ice, and not on someone else's skull.


Jeremyinc said...
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Jeremyinc said...

Friggin awesome! You guys do really good work, I know who I would be going to if I played net! If you have time stop by my Hockey Tips site. Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...
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