Monday, December 28, 2009

[UPDATE] 374. Snow (Day) Skull: MELTDOWN

I've been documenting the demise of the snow skull that I made with my friend Paul from DudeCraft. Generally snow doesn't last very long in Richmond and it almost never comes this early in the season, so it wasn't a big surprise that it's almost entirely gone in just over a week, though I was impressed how long it retained its original shape despite several days of intense sun.

Two days old...

Four days old...

Six days old...

Seven days old, after a major rain storm came through town...

Nine days old...

I'm guessing there won't be much of anything to photograph in two more days. It was fun while it lasted! FYI the original post, with "making of" photos can be found HERE.


Tatman said...

And such is life........

~Wendy~ said...

Awww. . Good bye snow skull, See you next year I hope!

Anne said...


Eric De La Fuente said...

that must have been pretty hard to build, I tried and all I got was frustrated ha ha

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