Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Simulacra - Version 3.30

This week's round of simulacrum come from (almost) everyone's favorite woody perennial plant, the tree. Now these are not tree skulls as you might think, but they are all made possible by the loveliest thing that Joyce Kilmer ever saw.

First is this bit of woodgrain found on an entertainment center by Jana in California.

Jose Miguel Alvarez was visiting Barcelona, Spain when he discovered this newspaper skull on the ceiling at a bar called Le Journal.

And finally, Jeremy Laura of Karma Body Art in Monroe, Michigan keeps finding skulls on his paper towels that he uses while tattooing. He writes, "A while back I noticed, while I was tattooing, that from time to time when I unfolded my paper towel, a skull appeared from the way it was folded and the ink was wiped. I decided that next time I found a good one, I would send it in. This isn't the nicest one I've discovered, but it is the best one in a while."

I think that I shall never see, a skull as lovely as a tree. Although a lot of you are coming pretty close with your finds. Thanks to all of you skull hunters out there for the finds. Keep them coming to the submissions inbox and don't forget that since we only do this once a week it may take a little longer before it gets posted.


Abby Davis said...

I love the wood one. I reminds me of a Brian Froud drawing.

Anonymous said...
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