Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - Version 3.31

♫ Been around the world and skull, skull, skull ♫

Staffan Vilcans said: “I found this one in the Stockholm metro. It's in the older type trains.”

André Henriques Found this at Santa Cruz city - Madeira Island, Portugal.

Sam Snoek-Brown wrote: “We visited Vienna a couple of weeks ago and were looking at the huge Maria Theresia statue in the Maria-Theresien-Platz, and I noticed that because of oxidation and the failing evening light, one of the ministers posed around the base of the statue had picked up a skully sort of ‘mask,’ so with you in mind I grabbed the picture as best I could in the dark.”

C. Diddy says:

From Sweden to Portugal and on to Austria, skulls are all around us as you can see by a sampling of the world in which we live. Thank you all for submitting these simlacraian examples.

Keep sending those pictures in to our submissions address. Just keep in mind that since we only post simulacra once a week it might take a little longer than normal for it to be posted.


Polexia said...

oooo that statue with the 'mask' is creepy - but cool! :)

bella said...

Polexia. Those were the exact words I was coming here to type. lol.

Really, I'd get the chills if I walked up and saw that statue in the dark. brrr.