Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sweater Skulls

Last Fall the Skullmaster featured Sibling, a knitwear company in England, here when they used one of his original skulls on a sweater. In staying with my theme for the week of new work from old friends here are some more skully designs from our friends at Sibling.

Itchy C says:

Such amazing work. The last one is by far my favorite, does it come in black? Thank you for showing off the talented work you produce while blurring the lines between fashion and art.


ArtAfterDark said...

Absolutely awesome....thanks for sharing! I love the last sweater! Wow...imagine wearing that on the street! You would stop traffic!

Googie Raegan said...

Photo number one is hard evidence that Vanilla Ice is back, and he's crocheting on acid.

And I like the arty edge they gave to model #2 by catching him relieving himself on a wall. Candid shot!

Seriously, though, #3 is perfect for drawing the eye away from those irksome body flaws we all have, particularly a hunchback.

Love them. Sibling is a great answer to the inane dictations of mainstream fashion.

James Conneely said...

I have the third one. I get compliments all the time.