Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday Skulls

Jennifer Ferrell from Tennessee wrote: “My son Parker loves skeletons. This is a birthday cake I made him and a Never Ending Birthday Card, it's his secret treasure map.

Master C the Partially Great says:

Although he will deny it for a time in many years from now, your son is very lucky to have a mom like you. A hand done cake and a fancy treasure map really made this occasion something to remember. I really like that you upcycle items not just in this piece, but in that other work that you create. Thank you for taking the time to share your work with us, and please also note that around here that most of us are a part of a rouge band of Space Pirates which you are also welcome to join here.

** Now on to a Skull-A-Day celebration, this is the 2,000th post to the site. Make sure you Flashback to the one that started it all here. Thanks to all who helped us get to this milestone, and assisting us in the future towards the next one.


Captain Morgan said...

The birthday card is simply epic. If only my parents had embraced my love of skulls and skeletons when I was a kid . . . cest la vie. Well done1

Spammed Ham said...

2 thousand zero, zero party oops out of time.