Tuesday, July 27, 2010

[BONUS] Skull Scouts!

OK so this may be one of the most awesomely random things that have come out of the Skull-A-Day project... A little while back our friends at Nerd Merit Badges asked for permission to use my Skullphabet font skull for a special patch for a conference. The patch caught the eye of Melissa, a Girl Scout troop leader in California, who wondered if she could get a special patch made for her girls. Needless to say both I and the Nerd Merit Badge folks were happy to oblige and a special Skull-A-Day Troop Crest was created! Then just a couple of weeks ago the troop finally received their patches and here's what Melissa had to say about it:
We had our end of the year awards ceremony, and to commemorate the new troop crests, we decided to hold it in the local Victorian cemetery.  As part of the ceremony, each girl listed a few things on her personal bucket list!  We hiked back to my house and enjoyed snacks and Brianna Ariel's Whimzkulls cookies. Thanks so much to the guys at Nerd Merit Badges and of course Skull-A-Day for giving Troop 202 a crest that truly matches the group personality!

What can I say, I am just honored that my work will be gracing the sashes of clearly the coolest Girl Scout troop around!

P.S. I actually ended up with a small amount of these patches myself, and I would like to give them away, but like the Girl Scouts you have to earn them. So here's the deal, the first five people to get June 4, 2011 officially recognized as "Skull Appreciation Day" in your city, state, or country (and send in proof), will get one!


Arielle said...

I'd love to be the first person to get June 4th recognized as "Skull Appreciation Day" but um... it's almost August. I'm just a little confused!

Noah said...

We figure it may take some time to make this happen, so we are aiming for June 4, 2011 to be the first official "Skull Appreciation Day" and hopefully ever year after that as well!

Florrie said...

I live in a UK town with a population of 16,000. One society in the town (1,000 members)uses skulls as their motto and one of these would go down a treat during the annual firelit procession.
Your 4th of July is nearly as big as out 5th of November!
Pretty please!

Florrie said...

BTW, forgot to tell you that Thomas Paine lived in Lewes (the town I referred to above)

Noah said...

That sounds amazing Florie, but we need some kind of official recognition for June 4th as Skull Appreciation Day! If you can make that happen, you'll definitely get a badge!

mim said...

I am totally in love with those badges and wish I was still a girl scout so I could earn one. What did they do to earn theirs?