Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fruit Sticker Skulls

If you like fruits and veggies as much as the Skull Master then you will surely recognize today's skulls. Ainslee Lara sends us some of her sticker skulls that not only look sweet but might actually be good for you too.

"Banana Brains"

*This skull is taken from the Wilco logo with the word "Trust" replacing "Wilco"

"Sweet Reds"

It still amazes me when I see our readers making such awesome skulls out of such ordinary items. We've all seen these before, but Ainslee has put a whole new spin on how I'll look at them from now on. If we keep getting these great skulls in "bunches" then we'll have to "stick" around for a long time to keep sharing them. Thanks, Ainslee!


Azurafae said...

These are some of my favorite submissions. They show a very creative use of something very common. I've always liked those little fruit stickers. I especially like the little cartoon ones. I like seeing them used in several beautiful skulls.

dannyglix said...