Saturday, July 3, 2010

Skull Illusion

We've seen other skull optical illusions here on Skull-A-Day before, but today UK based artist Tom French sends us his own work of genius. This beautiful charcoal on paper measures 70 x 80 cm.

*Click on this smaller pic for a better detailed view

The works you do are amazing, Tom. I absolutely love "skullusions" and this piece you have provided is one of the best. Your work with charcoal is superb and your soft touch with shades shows that you are highly skilled with this medium. Bravo for your excellent work and thanks for sharing these lovely ladies with us.


1+2+2=5, 1+2+3=6: 56 said...

That's amazing

Anonymous said...

wow! that is pretty spectacular!

nitebyrd said...

They are definitely incredible!