Monday, July 5, 2010

Miss Hilton Ink's Skulls

These are some of the skulls that Claire Hilton from Worcestershire, UK sent us. Here is a little about her, "I paint under the name Miss Hilton Ink. I love skulls, tattoos and day of the dead. I am an art graduate and I paint what I like these days and skulls feature in that quite a lot. My art blog is and my shop is"

Skullifly in Orange

Skull Ace of Clubs

I love the antique look of these. I looked on Claire's Etsy site to learn about how she made these. They are made using ink and tea on water color paper. With the Skullifly, I like how the colors blend together smoothly and drip down on the tea stained paper. I'm also a huge fan of butterflies as well as skulls, so the combination of the two elements combined with the painting style is very beautiful to me. The Skull Ace of Clubs, makes me think this belongs to a set the Grim Reaper would have. Reminds me of that scene in "Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey" where they had to play all those games against him, so they could live again. I love the ink wash on the skulls. Pen and ink has always been one of my favorite painting styles. The other work in Claire's Etsy and Blog are also very impressive pieces, so I suggest checking both sites out.

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MissHilton said...

Thanks for your feature guys, and youre kind words too... I could blush! xx