Friday, July 2, 2010

Pillowy Skulls

Ann Stelzer from Denver, Colorado said: “I have been a fan of your site for a very long time and I look forward to checking it at work when I need a break. I made these pillows to submit last year to a ‘Day of the Dead’ shows that a gallery holds every year. I played with the pattern and what would work best for them. I toyed with using buttons for the teeth; I have a lot of buttons. I finally settle onthe cloth teeth with the black behind it.”

Accent C says:

♫ It lives in the corner at the end of the couch... HA-PPY Skull Pillow ♫ I find it fascinating whenever we get something submitted in which the act of creating the piece takes as much skill as the final execution of it. You need to really be familiar with the medium you are working with in order to be able to go at it blindly and produce such amazing results. Thank you for submitting these, and please remember us when you make your next work for what sound like an interesting annual show out your way.

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SLY said...

I love these! Amazing! x