Friday, July 2, 2010

[Flashback Friday] 308. Lego Skull

Welcome to another addition of Flashback Friday.** This year the guest editors, Azurafae, Tatman, and myself, Citizen Agent, are taking turns counting down our personal favorite 17 skulls from the Original 365.25 Year. So please join us as we visit the archives and add our additional commentary on some of the original pieces.

#14: 308. Lego Skull

Zack C says:

I just realized that a number of my favorites have to do with manipulation of a child’s toy into a skull. I let the psychologist handle that that one for me. I have always been impressed by this one by the fact that you were working with a random assortment of bricks and were able to come up with something so perfect. I remember after this one was posted I explored the custom set creator tool over at Perhaps it was me working in a computer program rather than with actual 3-D trial and error, but I never was able to have the same amount of success engineering my masterpiece.

**Flashback Friday was a weekly countdown of the fan selected top 52 skulls of Skull-A-Day 1.0. Each week during year 3.0 The Skullmaster posted the original skull along with some additional commentary in order from lowest to highest rated, with the #1 skull appearing in the last week of year 3.0, all 52 can be found here.


Chris Z. said...

Hmmm, maybe I need to make a robot out of Lego this weekend.....

Noah said...

Thanks as always for the kind words C!
And I look forward to see what your take on a Lego robot will be Chris!