Thursday, July 8, 2010

Folk Art Skulls

Tina Roberts, from Upminster, Essex, United Kingdom, sent us a couple skull folk art acrylic paintings.

This one looks like it might be a ringmaster in a circus. I be there would be lots of death defying feats that are scary enough to chill you to the bone. An eternity of circus acts won't be so bad if it was Cirque du Soleil style. I think they have enough acts to last an entertaining eternity.

This looks like the guy that lures you into the side show "freak" acts. I would love to be charmed by snake charmers, wowed by sword swallowers, feel flexibly inadequate when seeing the contortionist and ponder the pain tolerance of the people who eat fire, hammer nails into their nose and do suspension. A lovely eternity at the circus this would be.

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