Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Choking Hazard Skulls

Clay Morrow, the creator of Choking Hazards recently helped our Skullmaster map his original Lego skull here. Today, we have the pleasure of sharing one of Choking Hazards original skull design.

If you would like to attempt this skull, the instructions can be found here.

Warning C says:

It is appropriate to have you make a skull out of a choking hazard, they belong together like schrot und korn. I find Legos such an amazing phenomenon. The engineering skill involved in making something that doesn't end up looking like a cube anyway is awe inspiring. Thank you for being a friend of the Skull-A-Day community, and thank you for this wonderful work to share.

1 comment:

aunt acid said...

i love the lego skulls! they remind me of robots.