Friday, July 8, 2011

The Skull Quilt Project: 2 finished quilts

These are two of the many quilts that will be available for purchase soon in an online auction. The proceeds of these auctions will go to Becky's Fund, which is a D.C. based organization that helps victims of domestic violence. Details of the auctions will be posted in the coming weeks. You must have an Ebay account to bid.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Rachel Stork Stoltz or Chicago, IL
C D Ellefson or Brodhead, WI
Kathryn of Bethlehem, PA
Unknown, I misplaced the info on this on. If you have the artist's info, please let me know.
Brenda Schack of Glastonbury, CT
Dolores Goodson of Lovettsville, VA

Teresa Davich of Minneapolis, MN
"Crazy" Rebecca Halley of Colorado Springs, CO
Karen Jennings of Fernley, WV
Allison Schumacker of Richmond, VA

I will try to post more next week, including several from a girl scout troop in California! Also, if there any corrections I need for spelling of your name or city, please email me I want to make sure the correct info is included with the online auctions.

If you haven't gone by Gallery 5 to see the 7 quilts that are hanging in the show, TOMORROW is the LAST DAY to see them! All of the skull sculptures are for sale through the gallery. The quilts and any remaining sculptures will be auctioned off shortly after the show close. The quilts will be through Ebay. The remaining sculptures will be sold through the Skull Appreciation Day catalog site.

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dolores said... happy to see my second skull on another quilt...and one with SIX skulls no's in great company!:)