Friday, July 29, 2011

The Skull Quilt Project: 6 Quilt Auctions Starting Today!

The Ebay auctions for 6 more quilts. The auctions will run for 5 days. You MUST have an Ebay account and a Paypal account to bid and pay for the quilts. You can follow the steps for set up, if you don't already have those accounts. For information on each quilt, please see the auction listing. Proceeds from the sales of all of the skull quilts will go to Becky's Fund, which is a DC based organization that helps victims of domestic violence.

This was made by Carolyn Oord of Forest and Kerosene from Canada. These were sent in 3 packages with a 3 square strip in each. This was the least expensive way of sending them. Since they were sent sewn in strips, the construction of the quilt changed completely. I sewed the strips together according to the placement instructions that she provided me with. Taking ques from the existing decorative stitching Carolyn already had done, I used similar decorative stitching to top stitch it flat to the backing. This quilt features the logo from our Skull Appreciation Day celebration and many different hand sewn skulls. There are various kinds of fabrics, trims, stitching and beading. To see close ups of the pieces, visit her blog or the auction.

Auction 10

Girl Scout Troop # 202 from Eureka, California sent 12 squares that they had made. The troop has an existing fascination with skulls. Their troop crest badge was designed by Noah and made by Nerd Merit Badges. I own one of these badges, because I'm a good skull scout. Also, I used to be a girl scout, so this was extra fun for me. I arranged their submissions into 3 quilts according to similar colors.

Auction 11

Auction 12

Auction 13

If you have any questions about the auctions, please email me at I am traveling this weekend, so I will reply on Sunday when I return. Next week, I will relist any quilts that haven't sold and some non-assembled blocks. There were a few that I either wasn't able to use or I wasn't able to match up to other blocks. I know you all can find some crafty purposes for them.


kerosene said...

Thanks Abby for doing such a great job putting my quilt (#10) together; I'm glad all the pieces arrived in time for the auction!

To see a close-up of all nine squares; take a look at my post on kerosene & things:

Abby Davis said...

You're welcome! I updated the post with a link to your close ups. I also took close ups for the auctions. Those are with the listing.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. I love this idea. Contact me next time you do this and I'll make one too.

Abby Davis said...

I don't plan on doing this particular project again, but we will definitely do a fan based project again. We have some ideas that we will unleash to you all eventually.