Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Emma Faustner- “I ♥ Chuck Darwin”

On June 4, 2011 Skull-A-Day celebrated Skull Appreciation Day with an exhibit of over 100 skulls at Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA. If you didn't have a chance to make it to the gallery while the show was up, we now proudly present: "Skull Appreciation Day - The Exhibition".

Emma Faustner- “I ♥ Chuck Darwin”

Emma Faustner- “I ♥ Chuck Darwin” $75.00

Ms. Faustner wrote: “I have always been a skull lover and a natural history buff, and I also really enjoy symbolism, so I decided to turn my piece into a Darwin Fish. Rather than seeing the human skull as a reminder of our mortality or something sinister, I was viewing it as (literally) a vessel of knowledge. It houses our brain and our capacity for knowledge is thanks to evolution. The Darwin Fish is probably the most recognized symbol supporting Evolution; the fish with legs. Life eventually came out of the oceans onto land, it spread and diversified. Our prehistoric ancestors began to walk upright which allowed the skull to change shape, which led to the development of larger brains, which led to invention, which facilitated more efficient survival, which resulted in leisure time, and leisure time led to the creation of art.”

Please visit the artist’s exhibit page for information if this work is available for purchase.

The 2011 Skull Appreciation Day - The Exhibition was a collective art show celebrating the 5th anniversary of and its tremendous audience of artists and readers.

Throughout year 5.0 we will be featuring artwork from the show a few times a week. This is a chance to see all of the excellent skulls that were on display, and FOR SALE. Some of these pieces may still be available and this is a wonderful opportunity to own an original piece of skullriffic artwork. There are many well known artists who have contributed very reasonably priced works and many of them have donated their portion of the sale to benefit a great charity, the Richmond Peace Education Center.

Please take a moment to view all of the remarkable work that was created for the onset of this annual festivity. Your skull will appreciate you for showing it some love.

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