Saturday, July 30, 2011

Skull Jug

I know that no one likes having to go to school on Saturdays, but here's an excellent skull lesson for us from Aaron Witham at Gilford Middle School in Gilford, NH. He writes, "I have my sixth graders create a coil pot with a face (ugly jug or face jug). My seventh graders create sgrafitto slab pots. I took both projects and combined them into this sgraffito skull coil pot."

I've seen lots of these face jugs before, but I can't recall seeing a skull jug like this one. Kudos to you, Aaron, for teaching others the ways of creativity. If this is an annual project for each year then maybe we'll see more of these in the future. Thanks so much for passing your jug our way!

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Vlad said...

I have a privilege to work with Aaron and I can say that what he does with our students is amazing. I must say that I feel very lucky to call myself his friend.
Vlad Vascak