Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tea Bag Skull

Randy Carboni creator of the Pirate-A-Day project wrote: “I finally am able to submit a skull. This is the only one I have that is only a skull. The rest are on pirate hats.”

Swabby C says:

Shiver me timbers, for the future we also like hats with skulls on them. I am drawn to this piece. I love the simple tones and I absolutely love that it looks like an intended accident. As if you dropped a tea bag onto your good paper and just keep moving forward with your art. Perhaps, it is a new way of reading tea leaves? Just drop the bag on paper and see what your future holds. Thank you for sharing your work with us, and much continued support and success to you and your Pirate Project.

If I were a pirate you know what my favorite drink would be?
Arrrr-C Cola!

1 comment:

aunt acid said...

oo, i love tea. i wish tea bags really looked like this!