Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dia de la Abby #56: Russian Matryoshka Skull Dolls

These were inspired by a fascination with Matryoshka Dolls from Russia

Detailed photos of each doll can be found on my blog.

If you aren't familiar with these dolls, they are a nesting style doll. This means that each doll fits inside of a larger doll shell. It's similar to if you had multiple plastic Easter eggs in different sizes and you fit them into each other according to size. To give you an idea of scale of these 5 dolls. The largest is 4" tall and the smallest is 1" tall. This set is only 5 dolls, but the largest amount I have seen is 50 dolls that nest inside each other. I purchased this set blank. It was made in Russia, so it is authentic in that respect. I painted them with acrylic paints with a theme similar to what we wear as a family. The dolls are a dad, mom, daughter, a cat and a kitten. I would have made the cat a baby, but we don't have another child. We also don't have a kitten, but that's a more plausible addition to our literal family. Should you want to make your own set of Russian nesting dolls, head over to Etsy to buy a blank set.

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Tatman said...

I've never seen a nesting doll family portrait more appropriate. These are killer!