Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Candle Lit Skulls

Mike Webber from London, Ontario Canada told us: “I've been a fan of Skull-A-Day for about a year now. I've always wanted to post something on your site, but never got around to either creating a skull, or e-mailing you - until now. ”

ShellHawk in Folsom, CA said: “I'm a beginner potter who is into Halloween. I made this skull to give myself a break from making jack-o-lantern pots, and I like the way he turned out.

Light C** says:

I know visions of Halloween immediately come to mind in these two examples, but the act of containing a flammable material in a non-flammable container is universal for any time of the year. I really like decorative lanterns because I am mesmerized by the patterns of light and shadow they cast, and imagining the patterns these two pieces cast has removed them from a holiday decoration and made them into works of art for me. Thank you both for sharing your work with us.

**(1/3 less calories than regular C)

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