Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Skull Scarf

Parul Matlib from Bath, UK shared this with us: “I am currently in my second year doing a FDA Fashion and Textile degree at Bath Spa in the UK. Last semester I printed this length of chiffon by hand using traditional screen print. The images printed on the fabric are all my own drawing, where I drew from observation and in continuous line.”

Parul also sent along a picture of the scarf in use: “The model is my lovely friend Jenny, and this photograph was taken by Louise.”

Yard of C says:

This is a wonderful piece of art all around. Your art of fashion design also involves illustrataion, and printmaking. I have said it before, but I truly admire the amount of multi-discipline work that goes into a finished piece of artwork. Thank you for submitting your work, and keep us posted on your future fashion accomplishments.


The Frog Queen said...

That is really cool!


Azurafae said...

That is beautiful and a great use of art in fashion. Chiffon is really difficult to use, so I applaud your patience with it. The continuous print is nice and full of little details.