Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesdays With Tatman #46

My friend's dad hates paying upwards of $5 for a pack of cigarettes so he rolls his own to save money. Plus he enjoys a wider variety of tobacco than what the name brands offer. It's still smoking, but I couldn't help but think of a skull when I saw his pack of papers.

Alas, none of his smoke rings looked like skulls.

Each Tuesday in the 3.0 year will bring a new Tuesday With Tatman. As a tribute to the Skull Master's astounding feat let's all get creative and try something new(and hopefully skull related).
Shhhh! Today is also a (not so)secret holiday to those who know. That is all.


Spammed Ham said...

So the fact that today is April 20th is just a coincidence, and not some sort of subliminal message?

Jonathan said...

A few weeks ago when you praised the iron cross in your post I became annoyed. I really hope the secret holiday you are alluding to in this post is not Hitler's Birthday because if it is I don't think I will be able to support this site anymore.

Noah said...

Jonathan, there's absolutely no support for anything racist (or sexist, or homophobic for that matter) by this site. You can find out the reference to the date 4/20 here. And I think Tatman's point about the Iron Cross was that it had a long non-Nazi history prior to its use by Hitler which is what he was praising.

Tatman said...

Thanks, Noah. Sorry for taking so long to reply, Johnathan, but Noah is correct on both accounts. I do not praise the Iron Cross because of it's Nazi references. The symbol was used long before, and after, the Nazis put it to use. It is a strong symbol, but I could not agree less with the Nazi party and it's politics. Plus, I have no support for Hitler and his exploits of the Jewish race. The entire episode is a sad, sad tragedy and I could in now way support the terrible monstrosities committed. The holiday I refer to is one celebrated by lots of people who have nothing but peace and love in their lives.

All in all, Skull-A-Day is a place to celebrate and share creativity and art. It will never be the home to discriminatory or evil acts. Thanks for voicing your concern, Johnathan. I can totally respect that.