Monday, April 5, 2010

Silver Skull 1

Steve from the United Kingdom sent us this: “My friend Wayne put me onto skulladay blog a couple of months ago and its now one of my favourite sites. I was inspired to make some new work and to write about your blog here. It's likely that I'll be exhibiting "Silver Skull 1" at one the art shows I'll be participating in this year.”

Screen C says:

The meaning of a work of art always is influenced by the thoughts of the viewer looking at it, so let me share what came to mind looking at your piece. First was the obvious play on words a silver screen perhaps being a commentary on the death of a more dignified time of classic movie making. Second however, was a more frightening image reminiscent of those black and gray images of World War 2 death camps. Two interesting topics to distract me this morning. Thank you for submitting your work, and allowing us the opportunity to ponder its personal meaning.

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Azurafae said...

While C gets all deep with it, all I can think of is how this would make a great silk scarf print.