Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesdays With Tatman #45

(to the tune of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game")
"Log me on to Skull-A-Day,
Take me to it right now.
Buy me some C-rations and Cracker Jack,
I don't care if I never get back,
Let me root, root, root for the skull team,
If they don't make posts it's a shame.
For it's one, two, three years of skulls,
Here on Skull-A-Day."

I hope all of you baseball fans out there can enjoy whatever team your are rooting for this year.

Each Tuesday in the 3.0 year will bring a new Tuesday With Tatman. As a tribute to the Skull Master's astounding feat let's all get creative and try something new(and hopefully skull related).


Noah said...

Ha, that's a fantastic version of the song! I'll have to sing it at the baseball game I'm going to this weekend!

Abby Davis said...

Love the song. The ball is great! As I was watching my daughter (and a hoard of other kids) run around a soccer field, I pondered doing something similar to a soccer ball.