Thursday, April 1, 2010

Skull-A-Day News: Mascot! (April Fool's 2010)

Hey folks I'm very excited to announce that we've decided to create a costumed Skull-A-Day mascot for year 4 of the project!

Above is a concept sketch for the costume that is just in the preliminary stages of being built. We've even lined up an initial schedule of events where we would like our mascot to appear and promote the Skull-A-Day project throughout our fourth year:
PurpleHull Pea Festival June 25-25, Emerson, AR
The Great Texas Mosquito Festival June 29-31, Clute, TX
BlobFest July 9-11 Phoenixville, PA
Mondo Croquet World Championships July 25, Portland, OR
North Plains Garlic Festival, August 6-8, North Plains, OR
"Running of The Sheep" Sheep Drive Sept. 5, Reed Point, MT
World Mysteries Conference October 9-11, Tempe, AZ
Cooter Fest October 23-25,  Inverness, FL
PunkinChuckin  November 5-7, Nassau, DE
Frozen Dead Guy Days March 5-7, 2011, Nederland, CO
Hillbilly Days April 15-17, 2011, Pikeville, KY
And many more to come!
So this is where you come in: We need a name for this fellow! So leave your suggestion in a comment below and the winner will be chosen at random from all of the entries at midnight tonight.

Oh and here's the best part, the winner will also get to wear the costume at the events!**

A special thanks should go out to our own Citizen Agent for this fantastic suggestion!

**Please note that since Skull-A-Day has no ads or sponsors, so you will need to provide for your own transportation to, and lodging at, all locations. 

HOWEVER, after talking with my friend Paul at Dude Craft it looks like we might be making this costume for real later this summer! There definitely aren't any plans to attend the above events though, but who knows where this fellow might show up! More details to come.


Paul Overton said...

Dude! Who's building this? I want in! As for the name...Boney Maroney.

Rudy Martinez said...


Eliza said...

How exciting! I go to CooterFest every year!

Unknown said...

fyi the dead guy days in nederland is in COLORADO, not oregon. :)

Noah said...

Oops, thanks for pointing out the typo Sage, I've fixed that!

Unknown said...

come back to CA!

and i know this is bad, but it;s not even 8 am here... but Bone Head?

Chris Z. said...

Reginald Von Fontanel

And will you be accompanying it to Oregon?

Gristle McNerd said...

how about Doc McCoy? You know, because of his nickname.

Or Murray. Murray would also be nice.

Angela said...

How about Agent Skullder?

Dr. Hectic said...


because then it can be skulking around all the events, surprising people.

Maybe even get it a little crown...

Tatman said...

I can't believe I'm the first to post Richard Head.