Monday, April 26, 2010

Natural Skulls (Helped Along)

A frequent contributor here President Wishnack sent us this: “I just picked up a new job in the Financial District and my office has a nice view of the Bay Bridge. It also has a nice view of this skull skyscraper! This is about 50% real and 50% edited to look like a skull-- but it was close enough that I saw a potential skull before taking it to Photoshop.

Greg from Australia wrote: “When I pulled an Oreo apart, the filling looked like it had eye sockets, so I helped the resemblance along to make an Oreo skull. The picture shows the before and after.”

Manipulated C says:

Inspiration comes in many different ways, seeing something in an alternative composition is just one way in which our minds help us to comprehend the world we experience. Sometimes all it takes is a a little push with our mind to make great things happen. Thank you for submitting your work, and keep pushing greatness.

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