Friday, April 2, 2010

Laser Skull

Leonardo from Brazil, a past contributor here, sent us a new skull he made using a Laser-pointer and an extended exposure on his camera.

Kitten C says:

*paw* *paw* *paw*

Drawing with light is an amazing medium to work with and the results can be spectacular, but also unpredictable. I am glad you were able to get a picture to show us. Thank you again for contributing to the project. Also since it is Friday, make sure you check out the Skullmaster's Laser Skull here.


Azurafae said...

Didn't Noah do a light skull too? I love them all. I realize how long it takes to get a perfect shot. I will have to try this one evening.

Citizen Agent said...

Saved C said:

Sorry my last edit, didn't save when I was finishing up this post. The spelling error is now corrected, and yes Azurafae, you will find the missing link also.

lc. said...

thanks again, I like this site, I will always continue contributing with tons of skulls caray!