Friday, April 30, 2010

Recycled Skull-eton

Jay Butler in Richmond, VA wrote: “My son's SKELETON art project that was turned in this morning. This guy is made from all recycled items such as a milk jug, a spackle bucket top, old PVC pipes, old wooden toys and blocks, old wooden thread spools, and a waste bucket.”

Displayed with the proud artist.

Full Bodied C says:

You know I have a soft spot for up-cycling found objects into art, but this is truly a masterpiece. It is absolutely amazing what you were able to accomplish with the materials you acquired. I had a good time going down your list and trying to find where they were in the art. I wonder if there are more to be made in the future. I would love to see a series of them that show off the uniqueness of what you were able to find that time around. Thank you for submitting such an incredible piece of work.

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That is soooo pimp!!! I would be sooo proud if that were my son!