Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bad Ass Biker Skulls

These aren't your typical skull loving bikers here. Enrique from Spain is on a race to show us his team's skullriffic cycling uiniforms. He's a loyal Skull-A-Day reader and admits that our site was a major influence on his team's outfits.

I'm not big into cycling, especially since I don't look very good in spandex, but I'd make an exception just to join Enrique's team for a day. It's totally fitting that they wear the number 13 for their team as well. Maybe the other teams think twice before passing them? Maybe not, but either way they probably get the most "devil horn" salutes from other bikers. May all of your races be swift, Enrique, and may the skulls you wear help lead you to victory!

1 comment:

Casanova said...

That's an awesome
photo! I dig the black and white shot too!!!