Friday, November 5, 2010

Dia De Los Muertos Skulls

An old friend Ontario,Canadian artist Kimberly Hart, from Monster Kookies returns with some new pieces.

She wrote: “I have been keeping my eye on your blog for quite some time, now! It's been a few years now, actually. Every year I make Day of the Dead Skulls. Here are a few I have made so far.”

Black and White Skull -pearly white base made from polymer clay and then the details were painted entirely by hand with black acrylic paint. He's got silver rhinestone eyes, as well.

Full Colour Sugar Skull- lot of bold and vivid colours which is also completely handpainted with acrylics and features little lavender rhinestone eyes

Valentine inspired sugar skull with black and red details that have been hand painted with acrylics.

Retro C says:

It is a honor to be able to feature you again. In the year and few months since I last visited your site, your work has achieved a new level of awesomeness. Thank you for being such a loyal friend of the project and taking the time to participate again by submitting your work. I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us for next year.


Monster Kookies said...

And thank-YOU for featuring me! I'm always watching and reading. :)

Anonymous said...

How can I make one? Or buy one from you?! I love these so much, they are small and perfect!