Friday, November 19, 2010

Panoramic Sugar Skulls

Author Kate Heyhoe told us: “ ‘Dreams of the Dead’ turn traditional sugar skulls on their heads.” She makes hollow sugar skulls, then fills them with panoramic interior “skullscapes,” lit by LED lights, and sculpts exterior details out of sugar-paste, then airbrushes or hand-paints them using food colors and nontoxic paints. They’re not meant for eating, and are preserved with a clear moisture- and UV-resistant coating. “My skulls undergo 20+ stages in their creation. They range from near-human to walnut sizes, and no two skulls are exactly alike,” she says.

Her work is featured at Mexic-Arte Museum, Authenticity Gallery and Yard Dog Gallery in Austin, TX.

“Dreams of the Dead” group shot, lit – Assorted skulls from ping-pong size to melon size.

Fine Young Cannibal - Lit by a battery-operated LED, about 5-inches cubed.

Big Jules (Steampunk Series) - Lit by a battery-operated LED, about 5-inches cubed.

Lost at Sea (Grande Nightlight Skull) - a plug in nightlight; skull is 3/4 the size of a human skull.

Lone Star C says:

Although these are not edible, Today was truly a treat for us all. This is amazing work both in the creation of the skull and the ultimate finishing of the pieces. Thank you for submitting your work for us to share.

Readers: Make sure you check out Kate’s link above for more on these remarkable skulls.

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