Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cenote Calavera

Cat Quintanilla created this skull, entitled "Cenote" out of Italian Blue Ice Alabaster. I will let her explain her piece. "Cenote, an homage carving to honor my father who after a long and colorful life passed away on Dia de los Muertos a few years ago. In this Calavera carving, focus is on the cavernous orbitals with positioning of the deep blue blush of the natural stone. Abstractions of pre-Colombian glyphs wrap the skull back and sides. The cenotes of Mexico and other places on the planet have served as magical sources of life giving water."

First, this piece is amazingly beautiful. I love the use of detail while being mindful to the natural colors of the stone. I don't know much about cenotes, but I like that the blue color was incorporated by the choice of stone. The natural lines of the stone also remind me of water. They also remind me cracks in ice. Second, I love that this was made in honor her father who passed away on Dia de los Muertos. Making art is a great way to honor a deceased love one, in a beautiful way.

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Erin said...

Gorgeous!!! This really is incredible!