Friday, November 12, 2010

Oak Skulls

A pair of wooden skulls as a gift for you.

Dave wrote: “I've been duplicating objects out of wood for a while, and after seeing the book, ‘Skulls’, I was inspired to cut a skull from 1.25" thick red oak, and finishing it with furniture wax.”

Troy told us: “This is one of 4 skulls I made this week, from a broken oak ax handle. This is #2 and the only one I have a picture of, as I’ve given all of them away to friends. The others were about the size of an acorn this one was a bit bigger.”

Trojan C says:

Please accept these skulls into your household as a visual gift from the great editors of Skull-A-Day. Thank you both for submitting this wonderful work. I truly enjoy the wonderful aspects of how you can take something that is similar in material and come up with two different results. These truly are a gift for us to behold.

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