Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dark Message Skull

"we pray to the fire as the flames lap the moon
such madness could turn the happiest of man
the tombs we protect are dark and Grey
the color of love
a twisted descent as the stars scream with implosion
no mercy for the living only in death we rest
a bitter smile on the faces of our skulls
the object of obsession" -Elkayem

Elkayem was inspired by the Agents Of Oblivion album to paint this skull and write this bit of free verse. The dark messages of the doom metal must have been a major persuasion for the infernal-ish background. The realistic details add to the gruesomeness. Perhaps this painting, along with metal music, is a grim reminder of how our skulls end up. Perhaps it's a good reminder to enjoy each day and make them your own. Thanks, Elkayem!

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