Monday, November 8, 2010

Mi Familia Sugar Skulls

Cindy Couling from Sunnyvale, CA sent us these lovely skulls. I'll let her describe them. "These skulls are hand molded in clay and hand painted with underglazes. This piece is called - 'Mi Familia'."

I, like a lot of skull fans, collect skulls of different kinds. I love sculptural skulls the best. For these, I like the stylized shape of the skulls and that they are hand molded, which makes them all one of kind. I like the intricate details that each one has. If you look at each closely, you will tiny special details. Since this is made with underglaze, I can imagine, it's difficult to achieve this level of detail. Of course, with a traditional edible sugar skull, you can't achieve this overall look. Honestly, I prefer something that is similar in shape and detail, but is able to be on display for an endless amount of time. These would be great additions to my collection.