Monday, June 27, 2011

Leather Skull Mask

Thomas Kukich, artist and owner of Exile Leather (NSFW) submitted this leather skull mask. He explains about the mask and photo, "I hand mold Mardi Gras and Halloween masks out of leather. The mask is by Exile Leather, the Model is: Acid Grave and the photographer is: Tim Kruskamp.Acid Grave is a friend and has done a couple of photo shoots with local photographers featuring my work. You'd think she'd pick masks that are feminine and pretty; nope she goes for the spooky ones. Somehow she makes them look sexy."

I love that the model chose one of the creepier skull masks. It works really well with her hair color and skin tone, giving her a ghostly appearance. The styling of the shoot helps with the creepy factor. Leather is one medium that I haven't worked in, but am always fascinated by. It holds molded shapes well and can be embossed with details. It's definitely a favored choice for mask makers as its limits are only your imagination.

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