Saturday, June 4, 2011

Super Stitched Skull Saturday

Goooood Morning, Skull-A-Day! Welcome to the 5.0 year and a glorious Super Saturday to kick this year off properly. Today's batch of skillfully sewn skulls are from Coco in France. She crafts these smiley skulls using vibrant colors of vinyl, felt, and leather.

Thanks for helping us bring in the new year with a blast of color, Coco. These skulls will be a great way to get creativity flowing for Skull Appreciation Day. If you need even more help getting creative then don't forget to join the Skull-A-Day crew at the events for a skullerific time.


dolores said...

Those are FAB Coco!! Mind if I take your idea and make a small one to hang from my purse?:)
I'll be wearing my skull a day button to a quilt show today!:)
You all have a blast today....the sky is blue...the air is's to a grand time for you and your crew!;)

ike said...

FAB skulls - they are really cool.
Had to join in with S.A.D. so did this:...

Ike xx

Noah said...

Ha! Fantastic job Ike!

Happy Skull Appreciation Day to you too DeeRoo!

Divaeva said...

these are beautiful! Love the colors!

Stefan said...

I love the vibrant colors!

CocoFlower said...

Just to say, my new blog is :
(this link is broken on the post because I change my blog)